This Code of Conduct summarizes the principles valid within the Remsons Group regarding the ethical and legally compliant contact of people to one another as well as in relation to business partners, authorities and other third parties.

1. Laws and Regulations:

This Code of Conduct summarizes the principles valid within the Remsons Group regarding the ethical and legally compliant contact of people to one another as well as in relation to  business partners, authorities and other third parties.

2. Business Partners:

The Remsons Group shall support and encourage their business partners to introduce and implement similar principals in their own enterprises. It expects that its business partners shall apply these principles as a base for mutual relationships.

3. Human Rights:

The Remsons Group shall respect the human rights and foster their observance. The human  rights based on the accepted international laws and procedures shall be supported and  considered as generally valid by staff members. The Remsons Group shall disapprove of any  form of child and compulsory labour or involuntary labour as well as any other forms of  enforced labour, not only in its own enterprise but also with its business partners.

4. Exclusion of Discrimination:

Equal opportunities and equal treatment shall be ensured without regard to ethnic origin, color of skin, religion, nationality, sexual inclination, possible handicaps, age, gender, social origin or political views, as far as these are based on democratic principles and tolerance with regard to people of other opinion. Staff members shall principally be selected, enrolled and promoted on the basis of their qualification and capabilities.

5. Working Hours / Remuneration / Qualification:

The Remsons Group declares that it shall conform to the regulations defined in each respective state as to maximum working hours and vacation. An appropriate remuneration as well as the legally defined national minimum wage shall be assured. The Remsons Group shall support staff qualification so as to allow a high performance level and high-quality work.

6. Freedom of Association:

All staff members shall have the right to establish and to join organizations representing their interests as employee within the scope of the respective national laws, or to forbear from joining these.

7. Corruption / Bribery:

The Remsons Group shall be determined to attain the highest ethical standards in their business transactions. It shall not tolerate any unmoral or corrupt practices by their staff or on the part of their business partners. It shall strictly forbid any partaking in or tolerance of bribery or of any other form of corruption.

8. Conflicts of Interest:

Any conflicts of interest resulting from employment are to be absolutely avoided. In the case that such a conflict were to arise, staff members were to report this immediately to their superiors.

9. Occupational Health & Safety and Environment:

The Remsons Group shall ensure occupational safety and health protection at the workplace, at least within the national regulations applicable, and shall encourage best practice for continuous improvement of the working environment. The Remsons Group shall be geared to the principles of sustainability and shall be conscious of the shortage of resources and of the responsibility towards future generations. To minimize ecological damage and to preserve the natural environment are a basic concern of the Remsons Group. This shall especially be valid for the use and development of new product and production technologies that treat natural resources with care and provide for recycling. The Remsons Group shall await and support the ecology-minded behaviour of its staff.

10. Control / Compliance:

The Remsons Group shall have the right to control the adherence to these stipulations on the site of the business partners at any time. Within the realm of their responsibilities, all executives of the Remsons Group shall be obliged to ensure an adequate system of internal control. They shall have to reasonably make sure that assets are protected, that transactions are done in accordance with the directives of the company enterprise and other internal guidelines and that they are recorded in due form, that financial reports are held correctly and that failure to comply to this Code of Conduct is disclosed and corrected. Any breaches against this Code of Conduct shall be able to lead to consequences for the employment and its continuance as well as to claims for damages. Moreover, the Remsons Group shall reserve the right to exclude business partners of whom is verifiably known that they do not sustainably adhere to the principles enounced in the present Code of Conduct.