Late: Mr. V Harlalka

FOUNDER CHAIRMAN – (1959-2016)

Mr. Harlalka dedicated his life to creating values, principles and morality. There is nothing greater or nobler than his creative geniuses whose ability has helped create our modern India:

Being a first Generation Entrepreneur business processes and manufacturing was very new to him. He learned a lot along the way by making mistakes and taking risks. Once he settled into a rhythm he did not stop till his very last breath. He witnessed many ups and downs in business and life but the one thing that was always high was his spirit towards life and his vision for the future. Facing challenges and overcoming them was his passion.

Not only business, but he also had a very fond liking for arts and culture. He was also very donating towards education and established a Remsons Research facility in one of the prominent colleges of Mumbai.

His legacy continues…….


Krishna Kejriwal



– Our highest management priority is to establish a corporate structure that ensures a profit while we develop and commercialise advanced technologies, strengthen our business with customers and take prompt action to respond to the market shift toward value added products.

– By “Good Products” we mean to embody customers’ wants and needs in reliable products using REMSONS unique technologies, knowledge and ingenuity.

– Such good products must be delivered with speed without making our customers wait and at affordable prices which make our customers happy with their purchase.


In order to provide good products with speed, affordability and on time delivery concrete measures will be taken with a focus on the following three core areas:

  • Advancement of Technologies
  • Strengthening of the manufacturing system and capability
  • Strengthening of business operations with customers and vendors

In today’s world of changing technologies, it is very important for every organization to keep abreast with new technologies. Towards this end, REMSONS is now investing heavily in new technologies and R&D facilities especially in the form of latest software oriented designs and in-house product development. This has not only improved product quality but has also accelerated production. We are also making capital investments in the form of latest machines with higher capacities to meet the growing demand. The company is also taking all steps towards cost cutting to improve the profitability. With increased capacities, wider acceptability and expanding markets, the future outlook of the company appears very promising.