Session on Stress Management  by Brahma Kumaris held at HO on 30th January, 2018

Session on Stress Management by Brahma Kumaris held at HO on 30th January, 2018

Stress Management

We enjoy best health when we are careful about what we eat, the company we keep,
the images we absorb, the time we honour and the people we respect. Such timeless
advice has been part of folklore for centuries but in these modern times many of us
have abandoned this wisdom.
Curiously, our time-hungry societies have goaded us into less than healthy living
patterns, where we eat fast foods and sugar-laden snacks, sleep less, exercise less,
talk less and worry more about the mortgage, the children’s schooling, depleting our
reserves. Many of us run on adrenaline – or speed!
We know that this speedy lifestyle cannot last. If we are lucky, we can sustain better
health if we buy a gym membership, take up yoga or even study meditation. But
many of us just collapse on the sofa in front of the television, reaching for the
anesthetic of the TV.
There is a choice.
 Real food, with energy.
 Real face-to-face time with family and friends.
 Real time with the self, sitting quietly in the garden or in the park to enjoy some
sunshine and fresh air.
 We are human beings, not human doings. When we drop our addiction to action,
to being busy and ‘achieving’ and just be – simply sit and breathe – we give our
body a chance to heal and reset the balance.
One of life’s challenges is to remain the ‘witness’, one step removed from the hurlyburly.
That extra space allows you the grace of a millimeter’s distance to save you
from getting over-involved and over-emotional. Seize the day and remember you are
in charge of your life.

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